Safety Policy

We endeavour to operate our trips in the safest possible ways without compromising on the essence of fun. When you travel with One World Adventures, you can rest assured that you are enjoying your vacation in the most socially responsible way. No set of guidelines can anticipate all possible conditions that may arise. We ask our staff and travellers to put sound judgment ahead of hard and fast rules and to judge each situation as it arises.

We do have some guidelines for ways to run your tours in the correct mix of enjoyment and social responsibility.

Travel Insurance is mandatory for travelling in our tours. In case of any unforeseen mishap, its prudent you have the correct travel insurance policy. Please ensure you get a comprehensive coverage including of emergency evacuation and hospitalization.

We ask that you inform your booking agent of any pre-existing physical and mental health conditions before travelling. If your accompanying tour leader is of the opinion that a group member is not able-bodied for an activity on the trip, he/she has the discretion and authority to refuse that person from participating in the activity - for the safety of themselves, the rest of the group and the leader. Prior to an activity commencing, our staff will conduct a short safety briefing.

All the activities we offer have been properly vetted with astute professionals offering the services. For a few optional activities, where there is a risk of injury or bodily harm, we would have our passengers sign an indemnity waiver form before going for the said activity.

Any activity done beyond the realm of the itinerary is to be done on the sole risk of the passenger. One World Adventures will not be held responsible for the health and safety for the same.

We do not permit any travellers riding on the roof of any transport we use. We do accept that hat seat belts are not readily available on all of the transport we take, on either charter or public vehicles. Where available, we expect our travellers to use them.

In any water-based transportation such as ferries/boats/ships or any activity involving kayaks or rafts, we would be providing life jackets and we expect our travellers to use the same while they are in the said water vehicle. Travellers should wear trainers or sandals to protect their feet from rocks, but not to interfere with their ability to swim.

Everyone has the right to feel safe when they travel. We don’t tolerate any form of violence (verbal or physical) or sexual harassment, either between customers or involving our tour leaders, partners or local people.

Use or possession of illegal drugs will not be tolerated on our trips. We reserve the right to remove the passengers found in possession of narcotics from the tour.

If you choose to consume alcohol while travelling, we encourage responsible drinking and expect that you’ll abide by the local laws regarding alcohol consumption.

Many governments offer travel advice and we suggest you follow the same as per your nationality, i.e

  1. Australia -

  2. New Zealand -

  3. United States -

  4. United Kingdom -

  5. Canada -


The sex tourism industry is known to exploit vulnerable people and have negative consequences on communities, including undermining the development of sustainable tourism. For this reason, patronising sex workers will not be tolerated on our trips.

In the event of a pandemic or an unrest, where the destination country is about to enter lockdowns, our priority would be to assist you to the nearest international airport for your flight home.

Each leader is First Aid trained and qualified and has a medical kit which they will carry with them throughout the trip. This medical kit contains basic first aid supplies. Our Leaders will apply first aid where appropriate until medical assistance can be provided. Personal medication should always be carried by the passenger if required and disclosed to the leader in the event of an emergency.