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Best know for its carnivals, music and the beautiful game, Brazil adheres to its stereotypes and more. Crystal waters, tall palm trees, and broad stretches of silver sand skirt some of the best beaches in the world are here, some touched with the laid back appeal of old fashioned towns and others with the pulsating rhythms of the country’s energetic soul. 17th century colonial towns – forgotten in time – shares space with contemporary art museums and avant-garde buildings that stock work by renaissance and modern artists alike. Portuguese history and its influence writ large on its several cities and the magnificent statue of Christ the Redeemer competes with the natural wonder that is the Iguazu Falls. Further away from the city, the Amazon snakes through the world’s most renowned rainforests, which offers sanctuary to diverse life forms from giant water lilies to caiman, toucans and sloths. Brazil has a lot to offer with its diversity and culture for travellers in their 30's and 40's – whether you can discover them all is a challenge the country sets for every visitor.


Best time to visit:  is between November and March. These are the warmest months across the country, with temperatures between 27°C and 33°C — perfect for enjoying New Year and Carnival celebrations.

Currency: Brazilian Real

Weather and Average temperature: Brazil has an average summer temperature of 40C (104F) and an average winter temperature of 20C (68F). 

National Language: Portuguese

Top Dishes to try: Acaraje – deep-fried fritters made from black-eyed peas, stuffed with cassava, cashew and okra paste. The patties are then piled with fried shrimp, a salad of tomatoes, onions and cilantro and then topped off with hot sauce made from malagueta peppers soaked in oil and vinegar. 


Iguazu Water Falls

Step on walkways and towers that offer as many perspectives of the numerous cascades here, including the renowned Devil’s Throat that plummets 90 metres down to the gorges.

Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer

Climb up Corcovado by way of Tijuca National Park, with its waterfalls, springs and tropical birds and take your place thereafter, amidst the iconic 30-metre statue that overlooks Sugarloaf Mountain and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival rehearsal

Rio’s famous carnivals aren’t a spontaneous affair; it takes planning, creativity and practice to perfect. Take a look at what goes on into making the event a knockout by attending these rehearsals that are as grand as the real thing.

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