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Turkey’s ethos lies in its mesh of cultures that weave and interlock neatly within the fabric of the country. Far from presenting an anomaly these elements only serve to highlight the consonance of diversity that history has marked upon its grounds. From the Grecian ruins of Ephesus to the Roman amphitheater of Aspendos, from the Byzantine Sumela Monastery, a succession of monuments and ruins mark the land as if chronicling a chronology of events. Yet with all this, Turkey’s history receives fierce competition from its equally impressive natural wonders – the travertine terraces of Pamukkale where white and turquoise hues offset each other in a kind surreal beauty, the bronzed beaches of Patara and the alpine meadows of Kackar. Add to this the myriad ways in which life plays out on a daily basis – from the whirling Dervishes to the famous Hamam Baths, a hot air balloon flight over the fantastical Cappadocia landscape, kayaking, paragliding and a hike along the classical ruins of Lycian Way, which overlook the Mediterranean Sea from craggy hilltops. Indeed, there’s so much to do and see in Turkey for people in their 30's and 40's that repeat visits aren’t still enough to wholly discover the country’s many wonders.

Whether you're 30 or under 40, explore stunning Turkey with other young adults. We offer various adventure tours that will take you down the streets of Istanbul, see rock tombs and experience the delights of Cappadocia and amaze you with the vibe of Gallipoli.

Best time to visit: is between April and May and September and October. The weather in Turkey is rather mild during these months, so you will be able to explore the cities, and the outdoor ruins without worrying about the heat.

Currency: Turkish Lira

Weather and Average temperature: Turkey has a hot, dry summers, though nights remain usually cool. Summer is dry and sunny throughout the country,with snowy winters 23 ° C (73°F) in summer and -2 (28°F) in winter.

National Language: Turkish

Top Dishes to try: Lahmacun – a flat, crispy pizza like dish served with a minced meat topping and salad, with lemon juice sprinkled on a bread that can be wrapped, folded or broken up to eat. 


Anzac Cove

Pay tribute at the cemetery here and recount the specifics of a devastating event during the First World War which saw the ANZAC landing, their protracted fighting against the Ottoman troops and the eventual loss of 130000 lives and more than a million casualties.

Bodrum Wine Tasting

Take a break from the usual sight seeing trail and indulge yourself over some delicious food and wine pairing session that also involves a visit to the vineyard and an inspection of the cellars.

Ozkonak Underground City

Go below ground level and get a sense of what life must have been as you wander through the storied halls of this intriguing city featuring chambers linked to an ingenious water system, well conceived ventilation, as well as a method of communication between each of its ten levels.

Guided visit Troy

Cover the grounds of this extensive archeological site that dates back to almost 3000 years and add flesh to the ruins by using a little imagination and recalling snippets of Homer’s epic tale of love, deception and heroism.

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