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A tiny nation scattered over more than 7000 islands and islets - each with its own distinctive flavour - Philippines appears almost as if Colossus splashed a giant paintbrush against a blank canvas spreading a mottled picture in its wake. Nuanced hues brush its sandy beaches with a hint of white, pink, grey and dirt brown while crystal clear waters share an uninterrupted conversation with its shores. Island hopping could be an active sport here with each offering its own attractions of caldera lakes, pebble beaches, underground rivers, limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, active volcanoes and hills that change colour during summer at its deepest. As much as it is a haven for sun worshippers, it is also a country remarkable for its history. Named after King Philip II of Spain, the Spanish influence is certainly evident in Vigan where cobbled streets, old buildings and churches reflect the changes it brought about over 350 years of rule. It isn't only the architecture however, but the festivals too, spread across the calendar, that speaks of this cultural fusion. Thrill seekers in their 30's and 40's may find their manna in a variety of water sport activities, as well as hiking and biking. But above all, it is the zip lines here that call out most loudly to those hungry for a burst of adrenaline.


Best time to visit:  is between the months of November and April which are the summer months in this Southeast Asian country. The wet season is from June to October and brings about quite a bit of rain with warm temperatures.

Currency: Philippine Peso

Weather and Average temperature: The Philippines has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. The wet season runs from May to November, and the dry season spans December to April. Average temperatures in Manila lie between 26ºC – 30ºC.

National Language: Filipino, English

Top Dishes to try: Adobo - chicken, pork stewed meat in soy sauce and vinegar, with peppercorns and bay leaves for added flavour, Chicken inasal: barbecued chicken cooked in marinade, Arroz caldo: rice porridge with ginger, garlic and onions


Bamboo city bike ride

Experience Manila on custom made bamboo cycles, serving the dual purpose of exploring the city without carbon emissions and also aiding villagers who are employed to build these bikes.

Quad-biking the Chocolate Hills

Rev up your quad bikes for and adventure that takes you to Chocolate Hills, a curious but beautiful geological anomaly presenting a thousand cone shaped hills rising out of the ground that turn brown during the summer.

Northern Palawan overnight trip

Journey across to the most famous cluster of islands and indulge in everything that they have to offer – from the views, the rich and varied marine life, the food as well as a host of activities.

Paddle-boarding on Loboc River

Enjoy the calm and serenity of the Loboc River as you float gently on one of its sections, occasionally stirring the waters with your Stand Up Paddle Boards.

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