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A tiny nation with the biggest heart of them all! What draws travellers in their 30's and 40's to this small and only Hindu kingdom in the world are the tall mountains and fast-flowing rivers; what makes them come back for more are the little big things – an uncluttered vision of life, a smile that lengthens at even the most fundamental levels of interaction and an innate mechanism that triggers a helping hand among its inhabitants. Perhaps centuries of custom and traditions that are followed in day-to-day affairs and more extravagantly when the country comes alive to an explosion of festivals, has served to nurture these traits. Ancient courtyards act as window dressings to contemporary beats, neon signs flickering on this lane shares space with oil lamps lighting up a shrine on another; and each speak of a changing ethos but one that has found a convivial balance in its people. Discover these and the pulse of a nation where the serenity of Buddhist chants plays a duet with the vibrant, energetic rhythms of Hinduism. Mountains will be mountains even if they are the Himalayas, but humanity and culture shaped and continued, as it is in Nepal, play as big a part as the Everest does on our tours.


Best time to visit: The main trekking season in Nepal is from October to mid-May when daytime temperatures at most altitudes are generally comfortable for walking, the sky is clear much of the time and rain and snow are occasional occurrences.

Currency: Nepalese rupee

Weather and Average temperature: Daytime temperatures will vary from 15ºC to 35ºC in the Kathmandu Valley to around 10ºC at 3600m and progressively lower the higher we go. Different seasons offer different advantages for trekking:

National Language: Nepali

Top Dishes to try: Dal bhat: steamed rice served with dal, Momos: meat or vegetable dumplings, Sel roti: sweet bread rings spiced with cloves, Lassi: a thick yogurt-based drink


Mt Everest Flight

If you're never going to climb the Everest, here's the next best alternative. Fly even higher than the mountain tops themselves and get a birds eye view of the highest mountain in the world.

Chitwan National Park

Try to keep that date with the endangered one-horned asiatic rhinoceros and various other wildlife as you split your way through the jungles of Nepal's most famous national park.

Paragliding Pokhara

Catch the wind in your hair and defy gravity amidst the backdrop of spanking blue skies and the striking Annapurna Range.

Birth Place of Buddha

Stroll around the grounds with the devout and the curious at Maya Devi Temple and bear witness to the exact spot where one of the worlds greatest spiritual teacher was born.

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