Travel Guide for Exploring Morocco for People in Their 30's and 40's

Travel Guide for Morocco – An Underrated Mediterranean Gem


If you’re looking for a beautiful and safe country for solo travel for people in their 30s and 40s, look no further than Morocco! This North African country borders the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a wholesome fusion of delectable food, rich cultures, striking scenery, welcoming locals, and a safe, largely crime-free environment that makes it safe for solo travellers. 

There are very few travel destinations across the globe where you can witness the breathtaking beauty of soaring mountains, expansive desert vistas, gorgeous beaches, and striking city life existing in harmony. Travelling to Morocco allows you to explore it all and more! 

So, without any ado, let’s explore a comprehensive guide for travelling to Morocco for people in their 30s and 40s!

The Best Time to Visit Morocco

The best time for travelling to Morocco is during its shoulder seasons, from April to May and September to November. This way, you can enjoy nice, warm weather and avoid the peak tourism traffic. But if you wish to hike the Atlas Mountains, you must visit the country from September to October or April to May. If you want to surf the coast, visiting Morocco from June to August will be your best bet. 

Must-Visit Cities in Morocco 

Here are some cities that any adult travelling to Morocco alone must visit:


Fes is the unequivocal cultural hub of Morocco as its teeming with rich history and significant sites. Fes-El-Bali is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city is the ideal place to make your base when travelling to Morocco. It has cobbled alleys, striking artisan shops, and beautiful Moorish mosques, gates, and palaces. 

When visiting Fes, you can buy affordable leather, grab a cold beer, enjoy spectacular sunset views, and stay at a modern Riad. The visually stunning Chouara Tannery from the 11th century is a highlight of visiting Fes.


Known as Casa, Casablanca is Morocco’s biggest city. The modern ville nouvelle in the heart of Casablanca, a city that offers an incredible nightlife experience for tourists. The locals in Casa are progressive and liberal, and the city has a cosmopolitan vibe, with an eclectic mix of immigrants from across Africa. 

Moreover, Casablanca has the third-largest mosque in the world. The Hassan II mosque, built in 1993, has the world’s tallest minaret and mesmerising tile work and water features. You will also find many impressive eateries in Casa, including the Organic Kitchen with its seasonal menu, Rick’s Café with its authentic recreation of the café featured in the movie Casablanca, and more. 


Marrakech is inarguably the most popular city among tourists visiting Morocco. It’s a fascinating place with a lively 11th century Jemaa el-Fnaa square with musicians, snake charmers, a massive food market, and numerous little stalls. Beware of pickpockets and con artists while visiting the markets. You can also visit the Koutoubia Mosque gardens, sip mint tea at a rooftop restaurant, splurge on a fantastic traditional Riad, and escape the hustle-bustle of the city by visiting the Jardin Majorelle, a tourist-favourite garden full of ponds, fountains, and cacti. 

Best Desert Sites in Morocco

Here are some spectacular gems hidden among the deserts in Morocco: 

  • Todra Gorge: This natural wonder in the desert northeast of Ouarzazate is a huge canyons= with stone walls and multi-story buildings. The drive to Todra Gorge includes striking views of pine plantations and narrow sheer rock faces. 

  • Erg Chebbi: Close to Marrakech, it’s a large site of sand dunes famous for desert safaris, camping under the starry night, and camel treks through the orange dunes. 


Mountain Vistas and Beaches in Morocco

If you’re planning holidays for people in their 30s and 40s who want to escape the city life and explore gorgeous mountain vistas and beaches, you must visit the following sites in Morocco: 


Surrounded by the Rif Mountains, this unique and magical blue city is a must-visit site bustling with exceptional photo opportunities, lush green valleys, gorgeous mountain views, and eateries offering delicious Moroccan cuisine. Take a trip to the Akchour Falls to enjoy the scenic landscape of the Rif Mountains and cool down in emerald pools.

Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls are nestled in a heavenly jungle that offers visitors relief from the scorching Moroccan sun. The Falls provide breathtaking views from atop the canyon. Ouzoud Falls drop into the valley and dramatically contrast the burnt-orange landscape that surrounds them. Macaque monkeys sit among the trees surrounding this site.  

Legzira Beach

Located in Tiznit, Legzira is well-known for its beautiful red sandstone formations, striking rock archways, and spellbinding sunsets. A sweet haven for surfers, paragliders, and beach enthusiasts, Legzira offers a deeper look at the traditional ways of the local fishermen. For an out-of-this-world experience, stay in Mirleft and cycle to the beach to enjoy the mesmerizing views. 

What to Eat In Morocco 

If you want to have a love affair with a rich, delectable, and versatile cuisine, you must visit Morocco. It offers diverse and affordable local food options in its many markets. You can find a pot of mint tea for 8-10 MAD or 1.21-1.51 AUD and enjoy local delicacies for 5.2-7.54 AUD or 35-50 MAD. Even expensive dishes in Morocco will not cost you around 150 MAD or 22 AUD. The best part about Moroccan food is that the servings are enormous, and meals often come with flatbread and numerous dips. 

Here are some popular Moroccan dishes that are perfect to have during holidays for people in their 30s and 40s:  



Morocco’s national dish, Tagine, is a hearty stew with fish, chicken, or lamb mixed in peas, potatoes, nuts, beans, dried fruits, ginger, and cinnamon. 


It’s a salty snail soup that requires you to pick the snail bits with a toothpick! The broth contains thyme aniseed, mint, liquorice, and other ingredients. 


It’s a flat, round bread, served at restaurants and food stalls everywhere in Morocco. 

Berber Omelette & Pizza

Berber omelettes are cooked in a tagine with poached eggs, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and spices. On the other hand, Berber pizza is a thin, round bread filled with lots of spices and onions.


Couscous is a staple of Moroccan cuisine and is a filling dish loaded with flavours. 


Made with lentils, chickpeas, meat, and tomatoes, Harira is a classic Moroccan soup.

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are delicious, sweet, and healthy fruits that you can eat as is or add them in smoothies, raw bars, and peanut butter. 


Pastilla is made from a phyllo-like dough and has a thick, crepe-like outer layer filled with some meat or veggies. 

Underrated Places to Visit in Morocco 

Here are some highly underrated places in Morocco that are ideal solo travel sites for people in their 30s and 40s: 

  • Sidi Kaouki: A prime site for water activities, such as windsurfing

  • El Jadida: A coastal town offering sandy beaches and historic sites, including an old Portuguese fortress

  • Khenifra: Encompassed by the Atlas Mountains, it offers convenient access to Khenifra National Park, cascading falls of the Oum Er-Rbia River, cedar forests, scenic lakes, and more.

  • Asilah: A quaint place ideal for street art and beach lovers

  • Berkane: Known for its endless supply of citrus fruits and easy access to Morocco’s Blue Pearl with its sold golden sandy beaches and warm waters

  • Oujda: Home to Moroccan rai music, it’s a thriving city with a modern appearance and a rich history, narrow streets, and many food stalls. 

  • Taghazout: This hippy, colourful fishing town has a relaxed ambience. Thanks to its long, warm, and sunny days and multiple surfing schools, it’s a surfer’s hub. 

The Bottom Line

Morocco is a beautiful, culturally rich country with spectacular natural beauty, friendly locals, and tranquil historical sites. It has a lot to offer and is the ideal country for solo travel for people in their 30s and 40s. When heading to Morocco, make sure to include the places that I’ve mentioned above in your itinerary and create memorable memories in this Mediterranean gem!