5 Best Travel Destinations of 2022 For People In Their 30's And 40's

5 Best Travel Destinations of 2022 For People In Their 30's & 40's


As they say, "there's light at the end of every tunnel", and when we get through this pandemic, all there is to see are bustling streets, high-rise buildings, serene oceans, deserts, and much more.

You may have spent a huge amount of time indoors or found new local spots to visit during this exceptionally challenging time. However, as the future seems bright (here's to hoping), there's no reason for us to hold back on our travel plans as soon as it is safe to go out.  As we count down to the next year, here's our two cents on the five must-visit travel destinations in 2022.



Vietnam is a rather underrated yet stunning place to set your foot in. With its bustling food streets and mouth-watering cuisine, it should definitely be on top of your list. It has a variety of meaty, noodle-y, soupy and herbaceous dishes to offer such as cơm tấm, pho, banh mi, Bún chả and more, each leaving your taste buds wanting more. Moreover, its stunning beaches, jungles and mountains are a sight you would not want to miss. What's more? If you're a history buff, you can live through some Vietnam War history by visiting the Khe Sanh military base.



Morocco is one of the best travel destinations known for its medinas, ancient cities and vibrant landscapes. Visiting Chefchaouen, the shimmering blue city of Morocco, is every photographer's dream. It allows you to experience the rich Moroccan culture all in one place. When you go further south, spending a night under the stars could be yet another feast your eyes get to have. Also, who can forget the breathtaking Sahara desert? It’s a must-visit on every traveler's itinerary.



Hearing about India rings the "Taj Mahal" bells for most people, but that's not the only reason it comes under the category of best travel destinations. From hectic markets and spiced air to ethereal rivers and colorful temples, there is nothing this country does not have to offer. Of course, the Taj Mahal is a cherry on top.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, or the island paradise as many call it, has a special place in the hearts of everyone who has ever visited it. Apart from its beautiful coasts, there are many lesser-known treasures this destination has to offer, such as Jaffna, a place to learn all about Tamilian culture. If you're passionate about animals, you can spot wild elephants in Udawalawe, and if you're a food lover, Sri Lanka's exquisite and spicy cuisine is a whole other experience.



Jordan is among the least known travel destinations around the world, thanks to its famous neighbors. However, the amount of history it has to offer is unmatched. From the salty waters of the Dead Sea to the crystal clear water of the Red Sea, this country is famous for its courteous people and appetizing food. Some of the best sites to visit in Jordan are the desert of Wadi Rum and Petra, which has several decades of Bedouin history yet to be uncovered.