5 Best Places to Solo Travel in Turkey For People In Their 30's and 40's

5 Best Places to Solo Travel in Turkey


Turkey is a destination that has it all, from lovely beaches to breathtaking mountains and modern cities. Whether you're considering a solo trip, a backpacking trip, or an all-inclusive vacation, Turkey will undoubtedly have something to offer you. Some instability in recent years has affected the perception of solo travel in Turkey, but with the right solo travel itinerary and the combined hospitality of the Turkish locals, you can plan a memorable trip to this country.

Solo travel in your 30’s and 40’s is daunting enough as it is without having to worry about how safe the destination will be. For safety reasons, solo travel in Turkey is generally recommended to certain places and cities where foreigners and vacationers are more frequent. This way, you can find safety in numbers while admiring the beautiful and authentic beauty of Turkish culture, landscape, cuisine, and history. Here are some of the best places for solo travel in Turkey.  

1. Istanbul


Istanbul is the most famous city in Turkey and is great for solo travellers. With a mix of culture, history, elements from the modern world, the city boasts many wonders. The iconic Hagia Sofia, the Basilica Cistern, and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque are popular tourist attractions. 

The Grand Bazaar is the largest and oldest covered market in the world and sells everything from jewellery and furniture to leather goods and casual clothes. It must contend with Istanbul's trendy shopping malls, yet its beauty and curiosity give it a significant advantage.

Travel across Istanbul is relatively easy since there is a good metro system and plenty of city buses. They even have night trains that let you book a private carriage with a sink, bed, and a fridge. This mode of transportation makes solo travel in Turkey quite safe and pleasant. 

2. Antalya


Antalya is located along the Mediterranean coastline, featuring spectacular scenery of a vibrant city against the gorgeous beaches and verdant mountains dotted with historic archeological ruins. The city is a tourist hotspot, with many bars, hotels, resorts, and restaurants, as well as activities ranging from sailing to mountain climbing and sightseeing.

With glimpses of the old city walls, Roman gateways, maze-like lanes, and historical landmarks such as the Clock Tower and gorgeous mosques, antique churches, and temples, a tour through the Old Quarter transports you back to olden times. Cumhuriyet Square, at the Old Quarter's core, is flanked by stores, Turkish baths, cafes, and street entertainers.

Konyaalti and Lara are Antalya's principal beaches and they offer water activities, hotels, bars, and cafes. Many museums, like the Antalya Museum, display antiquities and treasures from the region. In any case, when you solo travel in Turkey, there are plentiful attractions to keep you occupied in Antalya.

3. Cappadocia


With easy communication, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking scenery, Cappadocia is ideal for solo travel in Turkey if you are interested in learning about local culture, nature, and cuisine. 

Goreme is the starting point for a large adventure park and is the spot where you can experience a hot air balloon ride first thing in the morning, seek adventures on a quad bike trip, or go for a trek and get lost in romantic locations. 

The topography of the Cappadocia region is quite unique; therefore, it's well worth spending a few days here. It is certainly one of Turkey's most beautiful locations. Solo travel in your 30’s and 40’s tends to be more introspective, and the breathtaking scenery Cappadocia has to offer makes the perfect setting.

4. Kas


Since it is a little farther away from both Dalaman and Antalya airports, this seaside town is more peaceful than neighbouring destinations such as Ludeniz, Fetiye, or Antalya. As there are so many beaches and pastimes to choose from, your time in Kaş can be as active or as relaxing as you like it to be. It is a popular destination for Gulet excursions, and the picturesque harbour is lined with boats. The town is favoured by solo travellers and has a laidback bohemian air and decent nightlife when compared to the various resorts around the country.

5. Pamukkale


Pamukkale is made up of travertine terraces with water pools and the relics of a Greek-Roman metropolis. Calcium carbonate was gently deposited by the stream of many hot springs, resulting in the white terraces. The Romans uncovered the location and thought the hot springs were an excellent place to relax their fatigued bodies, so they decided to construct a town on top of it. It is one of the most popular attractions in Turkey.

Points to Keep in Mind for Solo Travel in Turkey

If you’re a solo female traveller in Turkey, you should know that the locals are very friendly and open with their advances. In addition to dressing modestly, you can avoid attracting attention by not making eye contact and respectfully making it clear that you’re not interested in whatever they have to offer. 

While such situations are rarely dangerous, they can become tiresome. In fact, Istanbul has a Tourist Police team that can help solo travellers with any complaints. You can find their kiosk between the Basilica Cistern and the Hagia Sophia.

Pensions or pansiyons are low-cost guesthouses with a long history in Turkey. Several of these can be found on major booking sites, and some even include shared and individual rooms. In Turkey, private rooms are common. Hostels are often found only in the most popular tourist sites, though they are becoming more common.

Turkey's biggest feature is that it never ceases to amaze you. You can find genuine beauty that will take more than a lifetime to fully appreciate. Solo travel in Turkey lets you take in all the country has to offer.